Communicate Better in 2015

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Take Action to Improve How Your Company Communicates, Both Inside and Out

This course is packed with case studies, step-by-step blueprints, and quick "hacks" to help you improve company communication every week. is a 52-week email course and site filled with resources to help you unify your teams, convert more customers, deliver amazing customer experiences, and create product people love through better company communication.

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Internal Communication

How your company communicates within the organization. Between managers, employees, teams, and contractors.

External Communication

How your company communicates to people outside of the organization. To your market, prospects, customers, press, etc.


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Recognizing and Avoiding Fragmented Communication
Your internal communication could be negatively affecting how you market, sell, support, and build your product. In this lesson, you'll audit how your company communicates.

Uncovering Customer Feedback to Improve Your Product
This lesson teaches multiple ways to discover exactly what your customers think of your product, and what to do with that information when you have it. Written by Hiten Shah.

Scaling Communication and Empowerment in a Flat Organization
Olark Co-founder Matt Pizzimenti shares how communication was vital to project management and productivity as Olark grew from 20 to 30 employees.

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